Studio Stoutpoep

Studio Stoutpoep is the alter ego of Domien Delforge, born (1988) and raised in Antwerp.

Though he was always interested in art, he only started drawing just over a year ago.

The first influence was a Roy Lichtenstein print he had at his parents’ house during childhood and always fascinated him.
The clean lines and well matched colours made hi stare at the work for hours.

When growing up, visiting London and the Tate Modern became almost a yearly tradition.
The cool industrial building and artworks from the world’s greatest contemporary artworks, gave the inspiration to start drawing and painting.

The work he makes is heavily influenced by artists such as John Wesley, Patrick Caulfield and Tom Wesselmann.

All drawings are created digitally and in layers in order to be screenprinted, which is his favorite way to reproduce art.

The drawings mostly represent daily life scenes with a small twist and drawn in bright colours such as light blue and pink.

Because he only started out recently, naming a specific style is still difficult, but keep on following this artist, who knows what comes next? 

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