The graffiti artist Yvon Tordoir was born and raised in Antwerp, and started his Graffiti career at a young age, always fascinated by paint and the art of creation.


In 1998 he began to color the streets of his hometown under the name of RiseOne. Despite a training in graphic design, graffiti and street art remained his love. RiseOne gets his inspiration from Manga, Oldskool NY painting, Sign painting, etc,…It all started when RisOne met some fellow artists who, like him that had a passion for Graffiti, which in 2000 resulted in an artists’ collective called “Aerosol Kings”.


RiseOne’s house style is very varied: on the one hand, RiseOne’s calligraphic works are very clean and unique in it’s kind, but he is also passionate about making photo-realistic paintings. His works can be seen in Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, but also across Europe, LA and New York. For our collaboration RiseOne wanted to bring a homage to his idols in the HIPHOP world which resulted in THE LEGENDS OF HIPHOP

wear in peace


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