Due to the Artist expressing that only his alter ego may be used, we will not use his real name but rather his alter ego: JINAI.


Jinai means criminal in Swahili. The meaning behind Jinai is that he/she is viewed as a criminal, an outcast, as long as you don’t do what is perceived as normal in our society. A Jinai’s philosophy is just being in the present and doing what feels good without harming anyone or anything. Jinai is about being yourself through art and all ways of expressing your true self.


Jinai always tries to deliver a statement thru his Art and always tries to tell a bigger story. Art has always been an outlet for him and allowed him to escape some harsh realities he encountered in his life. Jinai is a pretty reserved person. The designs that he makes tells you his story the things he likes, the way he views the world or just how he feels. Through his art you will get to know the real Jinai.


When we asked Jinai who he would like to tribute, his answer was swift and without hesitation. “I want to tribute René Magritte” he said, “The surrealism in his art inspires me!” What was said was also done. Jinai created his own interpretation of the great master of surrealism and we tried to incorporate his art onto our designs.

wear in peace


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