Eva Heip

Eva Heip (b. 1990) is an Antwerp born portrait painter that uses mixed techniques. Greatly inspired by street fashion, she directly paints onto leather and denim jackets. Her goal is to create art that’s out there. Music, fashion and exotic cultures influence her work thoroughly. Heip has always been interested in art and studied photography in high school. It was only in 2016 that she started drawing on a regular basis and took up painting. Encountering different art forms of various cultures inspired her to start creating works herself.
Fascinated by the beauty of exotic figures and fashion, Heip has created an exceptional body of work. She explores various materials and techniques and creates unique and wearable art.


Heip is mostly a self-taught artist, though in 2018 she followed a course at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp to learn to paint with oils.Influenced by modern street fashion and African culture, she explores portraiture and investigates how style shapes identity. Patterns and bright colors form a red line throughout her work, creating a joyful collection.

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