Where we stand for…

D.A.S stands for “Dead Artist Society” founded on 29/06/2018 and is a young Antwerp streetwear brand that believes in combining art and fashion. By doing this we bring art to the streets as wearable art (instead of having people appreciating art in a museums or galleries). In short, Art becomes part of your daily wardrobe.

More as usual

D.A.S believes in creativity and collaboration that’s why they collaborate with emerging Artists. Together with the Artist’s design team, they incorporate their creation into D.A.S’s clothing, accessories, etc.… In this way D.A.S is always able to come out with fresh designs and at the same time promoting the Artist. D.A.S promotes the Artist on social media, their own website, at events or festivals. The Artist gets a personal page with his/her bio, including all contact information should the costumer be interested to buy the original piece.


On the other hand we strongly believe in giving back to society by means of Charity. So every product sold, there is a percentage of the turnover that will be gifted to organisations that give aid to children in War zones and other unfairly treated Children. At the end of the day they are our future.
(That’s why our slogan is: wear in peace)

We always work with different Artists so every line is limited.

Our collabs

For our first line we are working together with Abby Jo an Artist (IG: abbyjo_art) from Amsterdam and our second line an amazing Illustrator from Antwerp, Domien Delforge (IG: studio_stoutpoep) check out their page under Artists for their creations.

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